The Bus & The Adventure

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting our page! So this is our bus:

As some of you may know, we will be losing our apartment at the end of the month and our future living situation is pretty unstable and unclear. 
We’ve come up with a plan, however – to buy a bus and convert it into a motor home! (Otherwise known as a skoolie.) Doing this will significantly cut down our living costs for the near future, with the up front investment of time and money in building it being the obstacle to overcome. It will however allow us to not only live comfortably enough to return to a relative normal and not be forced to leave the area entirely, while also allowing us the freedom to also travel a bit which is something we’ve never been able to do and to also save enough money to hopefully begin to plan buying a real home someday.
The best part is, Ramon(my fiancé) can do most of the work himself, so we won’t need to spend a lot of money on help building. But funds are very very tight for us, and any help at all would be potentially life saving for us, as this entire venture is a high risk–high reward situation, and unfortunately we have already made an 1,000 dollar mistake that has also cost us about a half month of time : /
That was the inspiration for us to start this gofundme (I added the link) to hopefully recoup from this learning error because the 1,000 dollar loss is really scary this early in the game. So we’re starting small, we don’t want to ask too much of you all. 
We greatly appreciate any help you can send us, and we love you all a crazy amount!!!!