The Bus & The Adventure

(Update!) We are comfortably living in Boston. Take this beautiful baby bus out on lots of weekend adventures and are fully committed to healing the Boston area at this time.

We did it! We built a mobile school bus home in 2 months and it’s livable and unbelievably amazing! And I’m so happy to be home and to have found an apartment in the city with a parking spot in the back to park our beloved bus in. I will be in Boston for a while unlit the next adventure calls and until then I can’t wait to work with this wonderful city!(2022)

We are out of the woods and into the bus! Not only were we able to finish the build in the two months that we had, but we have also been able to live in it finally too. This is so exciting to us because this is a major goal! (2020)

We named our bus Fernweh for this reason, the word fernweh is a combination of the words fern, meaning distance, and wehe, meaning an ache, misery or sickness. It translates to ‘far woe’ or an ache to explore far-flung places. It’s the opposite of heimweh (homesickness). Now for a picture dump :