About Marassage

Hi there! I’m a massage therapist by day, aspiring spiritual healer by night, and this is my website. I live in Brookline, have a great dog named Gunner, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

I was licenced and certified in 2018 for massage therapy by the school of massage in Boston. I focus on a lot of deeper tissue work, adding modalities like myofacial release and body awareness techniques. The work I chose to do has a strong focus on stress and mental health and reclaiming your body. I work from my own personal experiences with trauma and mental health, and bodywork has helped me heal in more ways then just the physical. Creating body safety is a big priority in my practice.

I truly want to work with people who need the help and the direction and are hungry for the knowledge. My work can be very deep, but if your body is not letting me in then we start in other ways and work our way up, or sometimes a gentle Swedish massage is just what the body needs to kick start its own internal healing. The point is we play it by ear, and each session is its own unique creation.

There were many paths that led me to this career. A few of them were pinnacle, those being my mothers long carer in bodywork since I was a child and a crippling dog bite to my leg when I was 18 that punctured my adductor(inner thigh) in three places. These things really pushed me down the river as it were, but as I picked up speed I discovered so much more hurt inside my invisible self as I began to work on my visible self and knew there was more to this path then could just be seen you had to start to feel it. And it was true I discovered a lifetime of numbing and hurt, and as the doors opened I began to feel alive again, sometimes scarily so and sometimes beautifully, but alive non the less. I never realized how imprisoned I had felt for so long. Someday’s I still feel imprisoned by past trauma and I have to remind myself it’s a process not a fix. When we start to pay attention to our body’s and our hurt there can be a lot more that comes along with it then we realized but that’s okay because you have a safe place at Marassage to work through the beginning layers of the visible self and start feeling safer connecting with your invisible self, they need attention too. And I’m here to help.