Important update, starting January 1st 2022 Marassage will have a price increase. 60 minute massages will go from $105 to $125 and 90 minute massages will go from $150 to $170. Please feel free to purchase as many gift certificates as you like to use in the new year they will be automatically added to your Marassage square appointments profile.

Welcome to Marassage my personal brand of healing. Where we focus on our trauma and our personal histories, and allow our body to do the talking. To unwind and unravel the hurt that has happened, be it physical or emotional and to find a new appreciation for our body and the world around it. This might sound complicated but its about rhythm and being safe in ones body and for that we need to practice being present, one way to practice this is touch and cultivating body awareness, and that’s where I come in. My goal when we work together is to get each client back to their own personal baseline of comfortable happy and balanced. This usually takes several sessions over a few months regularly, but its not a forever relationship its an as needed one. And the more we learn about our body’s the more manageable they become, anatomy is the key.

By Appointment Only:

  • M: 11am-6pm
  • Tu: 11am-6pm
  • W: 11am-6pm
  • Th: 11am-6pm
  • F: 11am-6pm
  • Sa/Su: noon-4pm
  • Brookline MA

(SIDE NOTE!! At the beginning of COVID-19 I said I would be honoring expired Groupon vouchers, but that just can’t happen. I’m not making enough money to work for that much of a discount after the effects of the pandemic. Please go ahead and get refunded by Groupon for your purchase. The membership program will also have to go. Thank you for all your understanding and support for my small business)

How we are handling safety that meets the criteria set forth by the State of Massachusetts for close contact services, in the office:

  • Please wait outside of the building for your appointment. Our waiting area is closed until further notice. 
  • You must bring and wear your own mask at all times unless instructed otherwise during the appointment.
  • I will have hand sanitizer available when you walk in for everyone to please use before we begin, as well as a contactless thermometer I will be using before all sessions. If your temperature is 99 degrees farenheit or higher we’ll reschedule your appointment
  • I am not allowed to serve beverages at this time, including water. Please bring your own water bottle you will be thirsty.
  • Please bring in only what you need for your appointment, like keys, payment form, phone, etc.
  • Visitors cannot accompany you to your appointment please. If you have someone with you they will need to wait outside of the building for you. Children are not allowed at this time due to Covid-19.
  • I’m using medical grade disinfectant on my massage table and work surfaces.
  • I’m adding extra time to each appointment to reduce the possibility of clients crossing paths in the waiting area. Please stay outside of the building until it is your time.
  • Stay safe out there!