First Time Visits

I’m so glad that you have decide to get a massage! Massage is a great way to stay healthy both physically and mentally, so score!

If this is your first time coming you should arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out an intake form and so we can discus for a minute or two without cutting into your hour of therapeutic massage. There are a couple chairs in the lobby opposite the large desk when you first enter, there will be a clipboard on the small green table right outside my room with an intake form to be filled out, if the door is closed in with a client so have a seat, fill out the form and I will be with you shortly.

If you are coming in because of a recent and serious injury please check with your doctor first or we can not proceed. You will still be charged for your time if session can not proceed.

Never had a massage before? What to expect:

A privet room, you will be left to change in privacy. You will undress to your underwear or fully, whatever you feel comfortable with(it is important for my work that you don’t wear a bra or anything that covers the back) there will be a massage table with a set of sheets on it, you will get under the top sheet and when you hear a knock you will give me permission to enter. We will have already talked about were you would like to focus the massage and areas you might not feel comfortable with. You will be professionally draped the whole time. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email me them!