About Marassage + Mara

I was trained at the Massage School of Boston in the classic form of Swedish massage, along with Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue massage. I was exposed to Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Thai massage and from time to time will incorporate those styles in my work to create a uniquely effective massage that can locate your major issues while maintaining a state of relaxation. Relying on anatomy and technical proficiency to lead me through the massage. This is always tailored to suit the needs of each individual and how they heal best. I do a lot of intuitive work, this means working with the emotional body while we work through the physical. I like to give in between session homework to maintain and further deepen our results. Homework’s range from gentle stretching to meditation and energy work including chakra healing, color meditation, vibrational healing through crystal singing bowls, and altar practice.  If you think you’re interested go to the contact page.

A little bit more about your therapist…

I grew up with my mom (who is also a talented massage therapist technically working with structural integration! I wonder where i got it ;D) right here on the back streets and odd ends of Brookline, so many of you may know me already. I graduated from the Massage School of Boston in 2016 and became a certified and licensed massage therapist in 2017. I have a passion for anatomy and a deep respect for the human body and all its profound magic, this drives my love and interest for my profession as a massage therapist.

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